Book Review: Angry without cause by Raymond Force

I get angry. Alot. Maybe less than some, but certainly more than I should. I could psychoanalyze it to death, trying to go deep into my childhood and upbringing and maybe even find some “reasons”, but I would rather find reasons and solutions. This small book by Dr. Raymond Force is a book to that end. It’s a quick read. A short 119 pages but packed with some great truth and plenty of illustrations to help think through and hopefully change your thinking on the issue of anger.  Dr. Force walks you through topics such as God’s authoritative word, your spouse, your children, your church, sarcasm and even gives some great grounding encouragement to those who have suffered under the abuses that come from someone with an anger problem. This doesn’t cover all of the ground that could be covered around anger but it’s a great start, a manageable read and full of some well-weilded truth for the soul wearied by anger’s stronghold. I recommend it to you.