Husband in Pursuit Devotional by Ryan Frederick

I’m a few days in. So far, this is excellent material. Ryan is a serious Bible student. So Husband-in-pursuit-standing-cover_grandeoften in these devotionals, though well intended, Scripture passages are plucked out of their context and used to teach something that’s just not there. Ryan doesn’t do that. He uses the Scripture well and expounds on the passages he uses so you have the fair and balanced context around what God is saying to us. This is critical because if you build a devotional from a foundation of poorly used Bible content, the structure will crumble and you will teach people poor hermeneutics. Ryan (and Selena!) are serious about their walk with the Lord and passionate, clear and humble about helping other couples fight the good fight for their marriage. My wife and I are going through these books together and so far they are a great resource for both the newly married and the old folks like us who will celebrate their 20th anniversary next year. Grab your copy today! You won’t regret it!