Book Review: Stop Behaving by Jerrad Lopes

If you haven’t heard of Jerrad Lopes yet, go check him out at  I Stop Behaving book.jpghave really enjoyed his podcast as well. “Just dudes trying to follow Jesus.” 🙂 Jerrad is a very real, hilarious and hugely helpful young man who brings the solid truths of the faith to bear on the every day lives of guys trying to live in light of the gospel.

I was given this book for my birthday by my wife (awesome wife!). It was a great resource to use as a morning devotional.  Jerrad is such a real, honest and direct disciple maker for Jesus and I was both encouraged and challenged throughout the book to rethink what manhood was, cast off the tendencies I have to master my outward performance and appearance and let Jesus work on my heart instead.  I was encouraged to stop just behaving.  One aspect of this book really stood out and made it different than other devos. There is a ‘rest’ day built in to every week. One day to just soak up the love of the Lord and rest in His goodness to His covenant people.

Each day contains a short article on tops like your heart, your marriage, children and work, followed by plenty of space to journal about what you just read along with a page to list specific ways you can pray about the things your learning. Each sixth day, Jerrad provides some great questions you can use when gathered with other men to discuss and help each other apply the things you’re learning. There is a rest day built in, as I mentioned above, on each seventh day.

An introduction video for each week can be found at Jerrad’s site: HERE

I highly recommend this resource to you. Especially if you are a younger married guy with kids running around. This is some great encouragement for the weary soul.