SotM commntry DACarson – Great little (only 136 pages) commentary that will help walk you through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel. Carson does great work unpacking the text here. He doesn’t address every possible issue the expositor may face but he hits all of the common ones and sheds helpful light and offers great insight upon the Word.  You can’t come away without being helped here.  In addition to his exposition, he is a master at personal application. Never unrelated to the meaning of the text, Carson shepherds you through the piercing, challenging and encouraging application of the truths that emerge from Jesus’ words from the sermon on the mount.

I was helped time and time again, convicted of sin and guided toward wisdom as I worked through this book during the last few months. I highly recommend it not only for deepening your understanding of a familiar section of the Bible but also for the encouragement of your heart as you devote time to the Lord in your daily reading.   Get your copy here.