Dr. White has been a tremendous encouragement to my faith for many years.  I used to listen to him on my drives home on The Bible Answer Man radio broadcast.  He not only is a serious and skilled theologian but he has a shepherd’s heart that loves people.

I have had this little work on my shelf for years and I finally made my way through it. This little (53 pages) book is outstanding. justfyfaithbookI found myself near tears at times, as I slowly walked through the tenants of the Gospel with Dr. White. How big is our God?!  Bigger than I tend to think of Him.  I have been reformed in my theological positions for most of my time as a Christian but I realized that I need to continue to read books like this to keep the awe fresh in my life.  As I considered the work of God in Christ through these pages, I was struck with how I so often tend to drift toward a cheapened, man-centered Gospel.  May it never be so!  This is a great read that will get you familiar with the reformation’s view of the doctrine of justification.  But don’t stop here. Allow the learning of this doctrine to give birth to deeper love and worship of the God who has saved you, completely saved you, saved you by HIS power, not yours.  And then dive into Luther, Grudem, Hodge and Spurgeon and let them disciple you as well.