Great book. The title threw me off a bit as I expected more examples throughout of how we could apply the Scriptures to mid-week Christian living and decisions. This is more of a “How to Study the Bible” book with some “Living a disciplined Christian life”. Much of it reminded me of How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth: Fourth Edition by Fee and Stuart. Still a great book, but I just wasn’t expecting so much time to be spent on bible study methods. Adams makes a strong argument for rigorous and regular serious study of Scripture leading to applying the Scriptures and its principles to circumstances and decisions throughout the week, in a natural manner. Study, combined with ingraining what you’re learning in your study will always help you do what pleases God on Thursday, Monday, Saturday evening ,etc.
Adams also renders a great service to the reader by listing some basic starter books you should buy (Vines’ Expository Dictionary of NT Words, Vincent’s Word Studies and Robertson’s Word Pictures)  to get your study jump started and heading in the right direction. This is a great little read. I highly recommend it to you.