I almost don’t like this title since it could communicate that I’m reading a book that helppeoplehcnagebookfocuses on other’s issues instead of mine. But in reality, I read Adams’ book for myself first and foremost.  Any help I might be able to give to others comes out of applying these things to my own life first.

That said, this is another excellent resource from the library of Jay Adams.  Adams basically exegetes 2 Timothy 3:16:

“All Scripture is profitable for teaching, conviction, correction and disciplined training in righteousness” (Adam’s translation)

He sees in this passage a progressive four step process for helping someone, ensnared in sinful thinking and behavior, transition to corrected, holy living.  We must teach the truth, we must be convicted of our ways that do not align with the truth, we must correct our wrong ways and then we must, after having ‘put off’ sinful ways, now ‘put on’ new habits (AKA: Disciplined training in righteousness).  We can’t skip any of these steps and we can’t do them out of order.

Adams is thorough, as in all of his books, in not only debunking the false approaches to helping people change, but also in laying out the way God has provided in His Word. You will be greatly helped, in your own life, by this book. And if you are a counselor, this will give you a great paradigm to work through with counselees.  Great resource. Highly recommend it.