Another great work by Adams.  Aside from what could be perceived as a lot of sarcasm when The Biblical View of Self-Esteem, Self-Love, and Self-Imagetalking about the self-esteem movement and it’s implications, Adam’s does great work here.  Laying out the errors of self-esteem centered thinking, explaining what the Biblical view of man is and helping us to think clearly on this issues.  These false teachings have been around now for decades and today’s culture basically drinks in these concepts wholesale. It’s now become almost criminal to tell someone their real problem is not that they don’t love themselves, but that they love themselves too much.  This shows that, unfortunately, the church has not done a good job in proclaiming the truth on these matters to the culture in which it lives. Highly recommend basically anything by Adams. He’s by no means infallible but his insight, serious biblical exegesis and wisdom are all gifts to the church. The man has written on almost every topic and you will almost always be helped by him.