If you haven’t heard of John Charles Ryle, first Anglican Bishop of Liverpool from the 1800s, can I encourage you to get to know him?  Yes, he’s been dead for a few years, but the legacy he left in his writings allows you to be discipled by him from afar. His Expository Thoughts on the Gospels are a very accessible, simple and helpful resource that any Christian can benefit from.  I have the Zondervan anniversary edition shown on the right.  They are well worn but still a delight to work through.  My wife and I have been using them as companions to our morning Bible reading for the last year or so and have never walked away without learning something new and helpful.

I read Ryle’s biography by Eric Russell last year and reviewed it here.  It was outstanding. This man suffered so much in his personal life and so much for the sake of the Gospel as he tried to help purify and unify the Church of England in his day.  It helped me appreciate his other writings so much more.  I highly recommend that book.

I just finished up Ryle’s Exposity Thoughts on the Gospels: Matthew and it was fantastic.  He wrote these ‘commentaries’ not for the theologian looking to untie every knot in the text but for the simple Christian family who wants to read the Bible together and pull out a few observations and applications for daily Christian living.  Ryle, although sometimes repetitive, is delightful in his style, serious in his commitment to Biblical hermeneutics and warm and pastoral in his application.  He never wrests the text from its original meaning, but he also never leaves you without a practical application of what you’ve just learned.

Both Jen and I can vouch for the encouragement, instruction, reproof, insight and help we’ve gathered from Ryle’s Expository Thoughts.  We encourage you to get the whole set today. You won’t be disappointed adding these to your library.