Readers of this blog (all two of you) may remember my book review on Jay Adams’ Competent to Counsel.  Well, my copy was already falling apart when I started reading it and it only got worse as I worked through it.  I had filled this copy with notes and underlining and didn’t want to lose all of this information as I knew I would go back to this resource as a reference.  So what could I do with a pathetic looking paperback like this?

2016-06-06 18.39.01

Enter OfficeMax.  Walking distance from my house, I grabbed my younger son for a bike ride and, when we arrived, asked how much it would cost to put a spiral binding on this bad boy.  “About $3.68”

My response?  In my best Chancellor Palpatine voice, “Do it!”

Here’s what it looked like when my wife and I walked down there and picked it up yesterday:

C2C spiralbound

Love it!  Now I’ll be able to use my marked-up copy for years to come!

C2C before-after