This was a great book.  Great intro and survey of the life of Bishop Ryle. A bit wordy and at times more suited for the British reader because of the amount of British terms relating to their government and Church of England, but overall a great read.

Really helped me appreciate Ryle’s Expository Thoughts from the Gospels.  This book gives the background of why Ryle wrote these and why he wrote them the way he did. Very simple, straightforward, user-friendly for every Christian family.  Any Dad could pick up one of Ryle’s Expository Thoughts… and help teach his kids through the Gospel after dinner each night.

Bishop Ryle went through quite a bit of suffering in his life. This naturally makes me appreciate him and his life’s work all the more.  His life is similar to Horatio Spafford’s in that he experienced devastating loss and he wrote out of those hardships. But Ryle wrote in such a positive manner and so laser focused on Christ and holy living.

This is a great bio. Well worth your time.