More like, I now what I’m going to try to do in 2016. Ready?  I’m going to try to read as many Jay Adams’ books as possible.  Here’s the ones I own:

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2016-01-05 23.11.39

I’ve read a few of these and another one I’ve read, I loaned out to someone (who knows who!).  I’ve never been disappointed reading Adams.  He is so clear, so thoroughly Biblical, direct and encouraging.  His Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage is the best book I’ve ever read on the subject and it’s only 150 pages long!

So – Let’s see how many of these I can get through this year.  If anyone has any specific Adam’s recommendations, let me know.  I’m about 1/2 way through Solving Marriage Problems and it’s outstanding.

Who you spend time with affects what kind of person you become. I’m hoping to grow in Christ by hanging out with Pastor Adams this year.