The Everyman’s Bible Commentary series is a great starter set when you want to slowly read through and study a book of the Bible. These are very easy to read and yet give the newer Bible student the important background of each book as well as walk them through each verse to unpack the original meaning of the text.

In doing a very brief survey of Bible commentary series, the EBC looks like a great starter set if you are looking to start building your commentary library.  Next might be the Tyndale Old and New Commentary Series, then on to more rigorous (heavy and expensive too!) series like the Expositors Bible Commentary and the New International Commentary series.  I’m no expert though. I just know that this one volume in the EBC was very helpful for me and the series is smaller and affordable for the new Christian.  Kent is a good teacher and balances thorough exposition with good application throughout his work on Ephesians.

For a great site that has cataloged and reviewed what looks like every commentary ever written, check out the guys at Best Commentaries.