Great little book.  I’m biased and really like anything written before 1900 so this was a

gem. Written by a Yale grad, Gardiner Spring (1785-1873) who was a lawyer turned Pastor of Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City in 1810, this is a powerful little treatise for parents  of any age. Spring goes through first what we should specifically teach our children.  Secondly, he challenges us by laying out the behavior we should model and methods we should employ to teach these things with the right spirit. Third, he discusses what should motivate us to keep at this important and eternal work and lastly, he encourages parents to not lose heart in their work and for children to take serious their parents example and instruction.

Tedd Tripp, who wrote my all time favorite book on child rearing (Shepherding a Child’s Heart), sprinkles his comments, thoughts and modern day applications throughout Gardiner’s work, updating the language and connecting these timeless truths from last century to our current context.

Highly recommend you purchase this tiny book that could be read in a night and would be good to read once a year to keep these ideas, instruction and encouragement fresh in our minds.