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This was an extremely practical book filled with many helpful principles to think about and ideas to use for improving marital relations.  The appendices in the back help a husband and wife figure out how they are wired, how they feel loved and how best they can meet each other’s needs.

Having said these positives, I do want to say that I was hard pressed to find any explicitly Biblical language in this book.  I believe the author may be a Christian, but his writing style (maybe just the latest editing efforts to make this appeal to the widest possible audience?) is clearly not coming out of a Biblical worldview that views sin and sin and holy obedience to the one true God as the key to restoring broken relationships and bringing true and lasting peace to marriages and families.  Just keep your antenna up when you read.  There is truth to be found in some of the principles the author shares, but in my opinion, he does not go far enough and does not come across clear when talking about people’s personal responsibility to resist temptation and not compromise their marriages.