dangCallingOne of the best books on both personal holiness and public ministry I’ve ever read.  Tripp has ministered to churches for years and has seen the worst of the worst in Pastoral fallout and leadership breakdown.  From this experience, along with in-depth study of the Word, he lays out great principles for protecting ministry leaders (and really all Christians!) from beginning to live two lives; public and private.  Have you been hurt?  Are you burned out?  Has serving Christ slowly transformed from a delight to drudgery and duty? Worst than these, are you OK with this disparity?  Are you putting on that fake ‘servant’s smile’ or Sunday morning and just cranking it out because…well…there’s no one else to do the work?  Read this book.  In classic Tripp style, he applies the Gospel to every corner of life.  How should things like who we are in Christ, what ministry actually is, what our responsibilities as husbands and fathers are, change how we think, what we do and (most importantly?) how we do what we do?

Order yours now from Westminster. You won’t regret it.