jHunt ConfResolI have minimal exposure to June Hunt. Mostly through her radio program that I used to listen to when we lived in North Carolina.  What I’m much more familiar with is conflict.  And this is why I was excited to go through this booklet from Hunt’s Hope for the Heart ministry.  I wasn’t disappointed.  This little book takes a unique approach to teaching on the topic of conflict. Hunt unpacks the Bible book of Esther along with other Bible stories to walk us through the concept of conflict, the different types, God’s word on proper resolution of conflict and practical solutions we can use to handle conflict in our own situations today.  While I would argue that the primary purpose behind the book of Esther is not to teach us about conflict and conflict resolution, it does deal with the subject as a point of secondary application. The primary purpose of Esther is to show us how God is always at work to save His people, even when it looks as though his covenant is forgotten in the land of exile.  The same principles apply to Jacob and Esau, Adam and Eve and the Apostle Paul.  However, it’s great that Hunt draws on these stories for illustrations of conflict.

Hunt takes the following approach –

  • First she defines the terms
  • Then she outlines characteristics of dysfunctional conflict
  • Next, she details common causes of conflict
  • And finally she shares the steps we can take to solve conflict

I really liked how, throughout this work, she used wonderful word pictures to describe different aspects of conflict and how to resolve it.  The turtle, the weasel and the wolf.  The flow of the booklet is great and you can pick up in different sections, depending on what you’re interested in or dealing with at the present time.

I especially appreciated the section on resolving everyone’s greatest conflict.  Conflict with God because of our sin.  That made this booklet, in my mind, officially having covered every base because even a non-Christian could pick this up and be helped by it.

Lastly, there is a section devoted to applicable verses of Scripture to memorize about conflict, resolving it and forgiveness. This was great.

I’d highly recommend this resource to anyone!  We’re all at one one of the following three stages: About to go into conflict, in it now, or having just come out of it.  Get this resource from Rose to help prepare your mind for thinking and acting Biblically to conflict.

Rose Publishing provided me with an advanced reader copy of this resource.