TimeMachineI’ve finished my One classic of American Literature for 2014 already.  My 14 year old son polished off H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine in a day or two sometime last year and handed it to me with a hearty recommendation.  I’ve finally finished it.

I have to say that I’m glad I kept reading. After the first few chapters, I was so bored and turned off by the complex wording and unfamiliar vocabulary, that I almost gave up.  To me, a good story should be somewhat easy to read. I understand the desire to paint word pictures using a diversity of words, but this just seemed way too over the top for me.  I can tolerate it when I’m reading something I love, like systematic theology.  But not when I’m trying to get through one of those “Oh you’ve got to read this, it’s a classic!” secular books.

Once the “Time Traveler” makes it to his destination, the story really picks up.  And the description of his narrow escape from being trapped in that destination is very well written. Gripping to read, even.  I would recommend checking this book out. There is a good bit of suspense weaved throughout and Wells really had a knack for writing in a way that drew the reader in through connecting with the emotions of the characters.