Another wonderfully made, helpful and encouraging resource from Rose Publishing.  The Rose Then and Now Bible Map Atlas is a beautifully hardbound volume that biblethenandnowatlasbelongs on the shelf of any Bible student today.  This 272 page text book by PhD Phil H. Wright is packed with beautiful color photographs of the Middle East along with over 100 full color maps.  There are eight (if I counted them all) plastic overlays that give the reader a great compare and contrast view of ancient cities and regions with modern day countries and capitols.

Dr. Wright uses the flow of the books of the Bible to shed insight on the lay of the land and it’s importance during each epoch of Biblical history.  Scholarly and robust articles on the patriarchs, Moses, David, Jesus, Paul and more, explore the details of each period of history and paint a sweeping visual survey of the Bible for the reader.

This is a great book and would make a wonderful gift to a high school graduate, heading off to Bible college.  It would also make a great coffee table book for any Christian family.

I can highly recommend another great publication from the team at Rose Publishing. Get your Then and Now Bible Atlas today.

Rose Publishing provided me an advanced reader edition of this resource.