“We are saved by and through God’s grace alone. We can do nothing to earn our 363540_w185salvation. Spiritual disciplines are not behaviors or practices that make us right with God in any way. They are tools that the Holy Spirit can use to renew our hearts.”

Above is the most important statement found in one of Rose Resource’s newest tools.  Rose has done it again. They have produced an outstanding quick reference summary on a topic important to every Christian today.  A lot of ink has been spilled over the years of Christian history on the topic of the spiritual disciplines.  Rose captures much of what’s been written in this concise resource and I can’t recommend their pamphlet highly enough.  The pamphlet is beautifully illustrated and arranged in a logical layout.  The entire booklet is sprinkled with quotes from Christians authors that shed light on each discipline in a fresh and helpful way.  Here were some gems I especially appreciated from the pamphlet –

On Fasting:

“If we are able to control things essential for life [food] we will be able to keep in check the things that are not essential for life.”

On Solitude:

“We live in a time of continuous visual and auditory stimulation: images and sound constantly come at us from many different sources.  Often we miss God’s voice because…we are busy people with busy lives.”

On Discernment:

“We are limited and imperfect beings; we are also skilled in self-deception.  We may be convinced that God is leading us in a specific direction.  However, we could be deceiving ourselves.  Having the joint discernment of God’s people can keep us from this error.”

Spiritual disciplines are gifts from God, given to those He has redeemed by the death and resurrection of His son. It behooves you, if you are His, to exercise every possible means to grow in grace, by striving to make progress in these disciplines.  This new pamphlet from Rose will help introduce you to these resources so that you can be on your way.

This is a great pamphlet that I highly encourage you to pick up today from Rose Publishing.

Rose Publishing provided me with an advanced reader copy.