I love me some books.  I used to hate to read but ever since I became a Christian booksLaptopback in 1997, I can’t stop reading. I used to get frustrated that I had to go to school, irritated that I had to read textbooks, study and write papers.  Now I’m tempted to be frustrated about not having enough time to read, study and write.  He truly makes “…all things new”. 🙂

This love of reading and studying has caused me to part with many hard earned dollars over the years in order to buy books.  Lots of books.  Books from the Baptist Bookstore in Fayetteville, NC, Half.com (thanks, David Michelson!), Salvation Army thrift stores to exit 1 of I-75 entering Georgia from Florida – I’ve bought books.  More than I can read, more than I can keep up with.  More books than I may ever read.

This is why I’ve resolved to do something I never thought I’d do.  To buy no new books in 2014.  No brand new and no super ultra cheap used ones that would be new to me.  I will accept gifts, don’t worry. 🙂  But I want to try to get caught up with the great books I already have.  Let’s see how long I last.