What does the “Normal Christian Life” look like to you?  What do you expect to see extGraceand experience as you grow in Christ?  Is your expectation that you will sin less and less as you move toward greater maturity in the Lord?

Many of us have the impression that we will move from glory to glory, from victory to victory, sinning less and less and becoming more and more like Jesus until we finally go home to be with Him.


Duguid kind of turns that idea on its head in this book.

This is a great read in which the author is brutally honest about her own sanctification struggles through the years.  It gives you great hope if you’ve ever wondered why, after years of walking with Christ, you’re still struggling with the same old sins you started out with.  God’s main goal is not to make you perfectly holy, but to make you most dependent upon him and thereby get the most glory from you.

I highly recommend this book to any Christian struggling with ongoing sin.