devil wrote a bibleKent Philpott used to think the Devil and demons were a joke.  A creation of silly fantasy with no place in reality. He not only came around to the Biblical understanding of Satan and his minions, but he wrote a book in 1974 (two years before I was born) that has proven to be a classic for almost 40 years.  I just finished the 1974 version and it was very good.  There is a revised version which is much longer and includes the demonic versions of the 10 commandments and beatitudes.

I really like Mr. Philpott’s approach in this book. He takes the commonly heard “truisms” spouted by our culture (e.g. “The Devil made me do it” and “If it’s good, it must be from God” and more) and then turns the spotlight of Scripture upon them to shed Biblical correction and insight upon them, one by one.  I take issue with Mr. Philpott’s teaching on man’s will and the roles of God and man in salvation, but this is not the main point of his book so it’s a minimal concern for me.

This would be a great book to study with someone who is not a Christian and is wrestling through the messages they are hearing from their world and wanting to know what the Bible says about these things.  I would also highly recommend this book as a great Bible study resource to go through with a brand new believer that came to Christ out of living and moving in the world (as opposed to a Christian home where they would have hopefully had some understanding of these things).