saving Dad bookOne of the most interesting books on parenting I’ve read.  The Rainer’s, father Thom and son Art, partner up in this great recollection of their relationship while Art was growing up.  Art tells the stories of what he remembers his Dad doing, how he learned godliness, character and discipline from him at many turns.  Thom then reflects on the same memories and shares his perspective as a Father.  It’s fascinating, and very encouraging, to hear a Dad say that he more often thought he blew it at times when his son remembers learning the greatest principles from his Dad’s words or decisions. The Rainer’s are a Christian family, but they have struggled with temptations, sins and failures just like every other family.  This book is tremendously encouraging to read, especially if you are a Dad of young kids who wonders, at times, if your kids will ever learn or take away anything valuable from your parenting efforts.

This book was such a great read, I passed it to my Dad and when he read it, he liked it so much, he suggested we do our own project.  We’ve written and exchanged several letters back and forth and it’s been great.

If you can pick this one up, I’d highly recommend it!