Another very well done resource from Rose Publishing!

WTBSAmoneyI recently went through a copy of What the Bible Says About Money Power Point study from Rose Publishing.  This is a very well laid out study of the topic of money.  Both the visual presentation and the actual content is excellent.  The six headings (Introduction, For the Glory of God, Blessings from God, The Danger of Money, Why Give? and How to Honor God with Money) give a great high level overview of the topic as a whole.  Rose has pulled together virtually ever single passage in the Bible that deals with money, wealth, riches, poverty, warnings and giving and organized it into this great teaching or preaching resource.

This Power Point could be used in the home to give children a great overview and detailed understanding of the proper thinking and use of money.  It would also work great in a Sunday School setting for teenagers or adults.  For some churches, all or parts of this Power Point could be used during a sermon on money.  It’s definitely a topical approach, but a very well done one at that.

One of the highlights for me were the “Don’t” and “Do” charts on slides 54-60.  These give a great rundown on how not to think of and use money and how to think and use money Biblically.  I also loved the charting of the Proverbs that speak to the topic of money on slides 84-87.

Overall, I would highly recommend this resource to anyone that is studying the topic of money for the first time or anyone who is preparing to lead or teach a group of Christians through the topic either within a small group or in a local church.

Rose Publishing has provided me with an advanced reader copy.