Having just recently preached a sermon on temptation, I’ve been reading (and temptation bookthoroughly enjoying!) John Owen’s Temptation | Resisted and Repulsed. This is the Puritan Paperbacks version abridged and made easy to read by Richard Rushing from The Banner of Truth Trust. Get it here.

Anyway, Owen writes in chapter 15 about several seasons of life that come with an increase in temptation. I found them very insightful so I thought I’d share them here for you. I hope they help, encourage and keep you on guard against the devil and his schemes.

1. A season of unusual outward prosperity.

2. A time when grace sleeps; when communion with God is neglected.

3. A season of great spiritual enjoyments.

4. A season of self-confidence.

See my full review of this book here.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone.