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temptation bookTemptation.  Who doesn’t deal with it?  Anyone who answers, “me” is either lying, crazy or in denial.  The subject of temptation has been addressed by Christian theologians for centuries but, in my opinion, no one else has done as thorough and helpful of a  job than English puritan writer John Owen.  You can buy Owen’s complete works on Kindle for less than $5.  I’d highly recommend you do so as you’ll find it a challenge to read something that doesn’t help you in your Christian walk from this great preacher.  Owen’s work on temptation (Originally entitled “The Mortification of Sin”) has been revised several times but I have found this copy edited by Richard Rushing to be especially helpful.

Owen lays a solidly biblical foundation for what the nature of testing, temptation, our hearts and our enemy is before then going on to give practical steps we can take to avoid, resist, repulse and recover from temptation.  You can’t go wrong with the Puritans with their deep exegetical mining of the Scriptures coupled with their pinpointed heartfelt and pastoral application of the truth.

“He [who] tastes every day how gracious the Lord is…does not pine for the sweetness of forbidden things, which rally have [no sweetness].”

Pick up any Puritan Paperback today and you won’t be disappointed.  If you are struggling specifically with temptation in this season of your walk with Christ, dive into Owens treatise and you will be helped.