LafawnduhWhy you so happy?

I don’t really work here


I have this other job….for this really great boss. He’s so good. So kind. He’s actually perfect. Literally.

What? You’re dreaming!

Nope. He’s awesome, in the truest sense of the word. And it’s the best job in the world.

So what’s it like? Easy work? Short hours? Lots of time off?

Nope. Super hard work, 24×7 on the clock and zero time off.

But working for him makes all that feel like nothing. It’s real, it’s hard, it’s long and sometimes, I’m tempted to think its not worth it. But when I remember the boss man, all of the work seems like nothing in comparison.  And he continually gives me every ounce of ability to work for him on top of it all.

Dude, what are you smoking?

Nothing, I promise.  My boss is Jesus Christ. He’s the Lord of the universe and He rescued me from sin and death to make me his servant.  It’s unlike any other job in that because of what He has done for me, is doing and will one day do, all my labor for him is out of pure joy.  

Tell me more of this Jesus, please.

[How I should think, speak and live as a Christian.  All. The. Time.]