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Have you ever picked up a book, thumbed through the table of contents and righturnsdecided that you’d probably only read a few chapters of it?  That’s what I thought when I looked at Right Turns by Michael Medved. I found this copy at a local Salvation Army and, because I listen to Mr. Medved on the radio, wanted to read it.  I have never had this experience with a book that I was only marginally interested in before,  but I absolutely could not put this down. I disagree with some things Mr. Medved believes and writes, but he is such an excellent writer that I found myself reading more and more each time I tried to quit. 🙂  In addition to his excellent and engaging writing abilities, Mr. Medved’s life is one full of wild adventures and amazing stories of meeting and working with famous politicians and movie stars. Reading this book gave me a deeper appreciation of the humility and modesty of Mr. Medved as he never throws out any of his personal knowledge and experiences with the political realm to try to win arguments in interviews or impress his audience on his radio show.  He had me cracking up when I read about his daring cross-country trip from Connecticut to California in 10 days of high energy hitch-hiking.  His recounting of the night that RFK was assassinated is absolutely riveting and emotionally charged through every sentence.  His firm stands for pure living while a student at Yale was encouraging to hear.  His balanced exposure of mainstream liberal left ideologies was instructive.  I thoroughly enjoyed all that I’ve read so far and look forward to picking it back up soon to see if I can wrap up the remaining chapters that interest me without giving in and reading the whole book, end to end.