livingcloseGene Edwards book Living Close to God when you’re not good at it, is an interesting read.  It’s got to be the most brutally honest approach to the subject.  Edwards certainly lays it all on the line and is very up front about his own struggles and failures to love God and spend consistent time with him.  He tells of his journey to read books in hopes of finding help for his struggle but to no avail.  I understand what he was trying to say about not connecting with the great saints of the past, but I do think he went a bit too far by saying they offered him no help.  It’s almost like he was saying that the fact these books mostly focused on prayer was a useless thing to him.
I especially liked chapter 12 “Out into the grind” where he gives very practical ideas on how to turn to the Lord throughout your day and continue to use your time for fellowship with him, even when life is busy and hectic.
I would recommend reading this book with an open Bible and remember that Edward’s struggle may not be identical to yours.  You can learn much from him and his honest throughout is commendable.

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Gene_Edwards_pic_20071Gene Edwards is of French parentage; Louisiana Cajun in particular. In the year 1790 a Frenchman named Joseph Edoir jumped ship in New Orleans harbor and so began the Edwards family in America. READ MORE…