My first review of a book I read entirely on my Kindle.  I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Professor Murray speak a year or so ago at Oakbrooke Bible Church and he was excellent.  He spoke about social media, it’s effect on young minds and our responsibility as believers to both use technology for the glory of God and the spread of the Kingdom but also to be careful and cautious against becoming controlled by these very things that help us spread the Gospel.

Murray’s book is very good. It’s a fast moving tour of the many approaches to preparing, delivering and then reflecting on a sermon.  He lays out all of the different approaches to different types of preaching, draws extensively from many of the great preaching men of the past and gives very down to earth and helpful advice on engaging our congregations with God’s word in a way that will truly help, challenge, build up and disciple them.  All of this is aimed at the glory of God in the church, the proclamation of that glory to the world and the transformation of God’s people into the image of Christ through the preaching of the word.

I was especially helped by Murray’s recommendations of what to do after a sermon is preached.  Get alone and think through what has been proclaimed.  Apply the truth we have proclaimed to our own hearts.  Wrestle with the challenges to greater holiness in our own lives and guard against feelings of either pride or failure.  I’ve not read them all, but I am pretty sure that Murray’s book is the only preaching book that speaks to the preacher about what to do after one preaches.

I highly recommend this book as a valuable addition to your library and hope it will encourage you as a preacher.