ManAfterGodsOwnHeartThere are many reasons for me to like Jim George:
1. He’s a veteran.
2. He’s a runner.
3. He knows John MacArthur (any friend of John’s is a friend of mine).
4. His wife has written several books that have encouraged my wife.

And now I have another: He wrote a great book on being a godly man.

This is a really good book.  It’s written by a guy just like you and me.  Mr. George is no super hero.  He’s just a normal guy who God saved and is using in His church.  George is married to Elizabeth George (a prolific author herself) and both of them have tremendously encouraged and helped both me and my wife.  Jim starts out in this book by laying the foundation of salvation in Christ alone, through faith alone, by grace alone.  He then goes straight to the heart (hence the title) and talks about our desires as men, to be godly.  This is where growth in spirituality begins – in the heart.  Mr. George stays here throughout the book, but he couples his concern for the heart with a clarion call to life-application that is extremely helpful.  He offers plenty of very useful suggestions to put the truth of our faith into action as we live out our lives in the offices of husband, father, employee and churchmen.

I especially enjoyed and was spurred on by chapter 7.  It’s filled with firm but gracious rebukes on being a good husband followed by tons of great ideas on how to put into action our devotion to our wives.

I was also tremendously helped by Jim’s teaching on our role as Christian employees in the workplace.  This was a timely word for me as work has been a struggle the past year or so.  I was encouraged to keep on keeping on and do all I do for the glory of God, leaving the results up to God.

Jim gives one of the best answers to the question, “How do I know what my Spiritual gift is?” in chapter 15 on “A Heart that Serves the Church”.  I highly recommend it.

This would be an excellent book for a young Christian man in his later high school days or later college days as he prepares to launch into manhood with all of it’s dangers, toils and snares.  I highly recommend reading this, even if you’ve walked with the Lord for a long time as there are some great reminders for all of us, no matter the season of manhood you may find yourself in.