About 12 years ago, I almost joined this cult. WOW. Thank you, God for protecting me. -paul

Not Afraid to Tell My Story

So many times people have asked me, “How is it someone as bright and strong and capable as you could be sucked into a cult like Sound Doctrine?” I have been pondering this question and looking for all the ways I was vulnerable.

However, I thought it may be helpful for any of you who are interested to see how the progression occurred over the 12 years I was involved.

The following is a bullet point chronicling of the events that resulted in my company being stolen from me. Over these years I was brainwashed into thinking anything done to benefit the Williams family and Sound Doctrine would be honoring to God and therefore justified many things that I would never have allowed under normal circumstances.

  • I co-founded WinePress with my husband, Chuck, in 1991.
  • As it grew, I ran the company, Chuck worked an average of 10 hours a…

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