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I’m also reading this one and discussing it with the leadership team at church.  Here’s my notes from chapters 1 through 4.  So far, good book.

Preface: Sticky Teams – what makes them different?

The leadership team must be strong if the ministry is ever to grow and last.

Ch. 1 – The Unity factor (Not an option, maintain what you’ve been given Ephesians four:3)

We must proactively and intentionally foster and fight to maintain unity among our leadership teams.  The rest of the ministry will not ever move until the LT is on the same page.  There is no community outreach, evangelism or world changing without LT unity

Three tier:

  1. Doctrinal unity
  2. Respect/Friendship
  3. Philosophical

Genuine and Biblical unity is found in the midst of real and passionate differences that we set aside in the recognition that the differences we have are nowhere important as the King we serve.

Ch. 2 – Why boards go bad (Suggestions for fostering LT unity)

Sin + systems, policies and traditions

  • Meeting in the wrong place
  • Ignoring relationships (human doings instead of human beings)
  • Not meeting often enough (extra ‘unity’ meeting)
  • Constant turnover (indefinite re-affirmation)
  • Too many members (12 optimal for North Coast)

Ch. 3 – Guarding the gate (On evaluating and selecting church leaders)

  •                 Can’t have a winning team with losing players
  •                 Don’t ignore character, personality, attitude flaws
  •                 Leaders must be engaged (Speak up or shut up)
  •                 Looking for leaders, not representatives
  • No “They’s” allowed – “Well, they aren’t going to like this…They aren’t going to be happy about this…Some people in the church….they say we aren’t doing things right…”
  • Listen to the leading of God – more then people

Insist on spiritual maturity, ministerial alignment, team fit

Character over giftedness

Ch. 4 – What game are we playing? (Anticipating and adapting as change comes)

Look for relational overload and increased miscommunication