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I’m drawing the points from THIS ARTICLE on The Gospel Coalition’s site about “When your preacher is not John Piper”. Here are some great points to remember as you go into your weekend and especially before you walk into the sanctuary this Sunday morning to listen to your Pastor’s sermon:

  1. First, rejoice that your preacher is a man who proclaims the gospel.
  2. Second, recognize that certain men are uniquely gifted by the Lord to have an international ministry and appeal, but this is not the norm.
  3. Third, if your pastor is (honestly) dull, but he preaches the truth faithfully, a little statement I once heard might be helpful for you to remember: “The mature worshiper is easily edified.”
  4. Fourth, listen “outwardly” to the preaching.
  5. Fifth, verbally encourage the preacher(s) in your church.

I highly recommend you go read the whole article HERE and send me some points that you would add to these. Let’s see what ways we can come with hearts prepared to be blessed by our local church Pastors instead of unfairly expecting them to be something or someone they are not.