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My wife won Christmas this year!  I know, I know.  It’s not about the gifts, but…

I unwrapped this bad boy Christmas morning:

I love this thing.  I still love, will keep and will buy physical books, but check out some of the virtual books I’ve been able to snag at prices I would never have been able to get the hardcovers for:

  • The ultimate collected works (8 books) of Stephen Charnock: $ 1.99
  • The works of John Bunyan: $ .95
  • The Economics of Freedom by Frederic Bastiat: $ .99
  • Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson: $.99

And these were all FREE:

  • ESV Bible from Crossway
  • Holiness: Day by Day by Jerry Bridges:
  • Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations
  • Aristotle’s Politics: A treatise on government
  • Little Women (for Naomi, I promise!)
  • A little bit of Everything for Dummies

I love the search functionality, the ability to sync to my Android phone to pick up reading where I’ve left off on the Kindle and especially the feature that allows me to link with Facebook so I can highlight and share snippets of books I’m reading with my FB friends (the ones speaking to me that day lol).

Overall, the Kindle Touch is a high-quality product that I would highly recommend.  It’s the device that has brought me into the eReading world, so I really have nothing else, tablet wise, to compare it to but for user-friendliness, features and interaction with other devices and services – this thing rocks!

Thank you, Jenny Pen.  You absolutely blew me away this year.  Please don’t get me anything the next few years.  Not even books.  Yes, I actually just wrote that. 🙂