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On September 25,2011, I was given an opportunity to preach at Plymouth Baptist.  I chose for my text Leviticus 16 containing the glorious description of Israel’s Day of Atonement, known today as Yom Kippur.  Below is the audio of that sermon.  May you see Christ in all his glory and humbly put your faith in Him alone for salvation and atonement for your sin.

I just came across a quote that captures exactly my thoughts and struggles with preaching.  I never feel as though I’ve done a text justice.  I haven’t preached for years, but the few times I have, this is exactly how I feel:

Forty years exactly have passed since my first sermon in the context of a Sunday service. Four decades is a long time to have amassed occasions when going to the church door after preaching is the last thing one wants to do—even if one loves the congregation (sometimes precisely because one loves the congregation and therefore the sense of failure is all the greater!). How often have I had to ask myself, “How is it possible to have done this thousands of times and still not do it properly?”

Sinclair Ferguson

Here is the link to SoundCloud: The Blessed Scapegoat.

My Sermon notes are HERE.


Here are some resources I used in my preparation:

Here is an (encouraging!) sermon I read Sunday afternoon: