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  1. US Post Office mail carrier
  2. Writer / Author
  3. Teacher / Trainer

1. So for years I wanted to deliver the mail.  The job just looked so awesome to me!  You’re outside getting exercise.  You get to talk to people.  You get to bring joy to people when you deliver their pen-pal letters and you get a government paycheck.  Yeah, then a good friend told me what it was like actually doing this job for a few months.  He said he basically got in trouble for working too hard or too efficiently.  Working with the union was unbearable and the waste and lack of efficiency drove my ex-military buddy absolutely crazy.

2. I like to write, though I don’t think I really have what it takes to become a paid author.  I sure would love to do it and who knows, maybe one day.  But for now, from what I hear, it takes an awfully long time to get established in the business and making an actual living doing it seems unrealistic for my current season of life with a family and four children to feed.  But hey, don’t look now, but I’m writing!

3. I actually get to teach and train, mostly in the church and a little here at work.  I love when someone has the “aha!” or “ooooh, I get it now” moment when I’m trying to explain something.  If I could get paid just to hear that all day, I’d be thrilled.  I never quite feel like I ever do my material the justice it deserves though.  Obviously this applies infinitely more to teaching the Bible.  I never have felt like I’ve fully expressed the wonder, challenge and excitement in any Bible passage that I’ve tried to unpack, teach and apply for people.  I guess this is a good thing as it keeps me studying and extremely humble.

What job do you dream of doing, if money or other factors weren’t an issue?  We should be content people, no matter what vocation we’re engaged in(Philippians 4:11-13).  But it’s OK to talk about these things in the context of thanksgiving and contentment for and in our present circumstances.