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I think it was John MacArthur that I recently heard say in a sermon that right now we ask of God, right now we request, we beseech, we plead and cry out to Him for mercy, grace, help and healing.  But – one day, all of our asking, our needing, our desiring help and rescue – will be forever gone.  Once sin and death are taken away, we will be forever free from the burden of asking God for anything.  We will only be creatures of praise, only objects who give thanksgiving.  We will lack nothing in that glorious day and will therefore, ask nothing.

This makes me wonder how this truth might affect what we do now, regarding prayer?  Should we ask God of things?  Should we boldly approach the throne of grace this side of eternity?  Should we plead, beg and beseech?  YES!

But – in light of what we will do for all of eternity, namely praise and worship,  what should we do more of on this side of heaven?  I’m certainly not advocating a pie in the sky, rose colored glasses approach to the Christian experience where we never cry out to God for each and every need.  Pain is real.  Suffering is hard.  We grieve, we mourn.  We are desperate people, we need our God and His rescuing and sustaining hand all the time.  What I am saying is that in light of what this life is preparing us for, should we be more about the business of giving thanks, praising and enjoying God than we are of asking Him for things, help, healing and relief?

More questions than answers, at this point.  Your thoughts?