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Men – If you want to buy one book that will give you some very good and very helpful information on the way your girlfriend, fiance or wife thinks, buy Shaunti and Jeff Feldhaun’s For Men Only.  I first heard the Feldhaun’s on the radio years ago and as they talked about the studies they had done, surveys they had conducted and the findings they were reporting, I knew I had to buy this book.  The counterpart, “For Women Only” is just as excellent and my wife has enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed “For Men…”.  The Feldhaun’s are Christians but they write in a way that appeals to a very broad audience.  Perhaps they’ve taken some criticism for this, but I think they are taking the right approach.  The blessing of marriage is a blessing enjoyed by all people, not just Christians.  Even though it may be true that only Christians will truly enjoy all there is to receive from God in marriage, unbelievers are blessed by God through the gift of marriage as well and this book serves both groups well with providing solid answers to those troubling marital questions all of us deal with.