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Calling all Pastors and Teachers!  If you are making your way through Exodus and you’ve arrived at or around chapter 25, this is a resource you need to pick up from Rose Publishing. The Tabernacle PowerPoint presentation is a very well done walk through of the Tab for any Bible teacher to use in their classes either on the book of Exodus in general or on the Tabernacle in particular.  There are over 120 slides in this presentation and each of them full of fantastic visuals, clear and compelling bullet points and extremely encouraging application points about the Tabernacle, it’s furniture and the high priest who ministered within it’s gates.  The detail included in this resource is excellent and every point is covered.  The best part: every line is backed up by a Biblical reference to give the teacher and student a solid foundation as well as material for further study.  Pick up your copy of Rose’s Tabernacle PowerPoint presentation today.


I was provided this resource by Rose publishing in exchange for a free, unbiased and honest review.