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Wow.  I’m not exaggerating when I say, “wow”.  This is an absolutely stunning resource on Israel’s Old Testament Tabernacle. Rose puts out some exceptional material as they faithfully equip the church of Jesus Christ to explore and teach the Bible and all things Christian. Rose’s Guide to the Tabernacle is a 117 page hardcover and spiral bound book in the top tier of Rose’s portfolio.  This book is worth every penny.  The authors start off exactly where they should: laying the foundational context for where the tabernacle fits in the grande story of redemption found in the scriptures.  Creation, fall, flood, babel, Abraham, promises, covenants, slavery, redemption, law and worship!  Enter the tabernacle; God’s mobile worship center where He dwelt with His people, accepted their substitutional animal sacrifices for their sin and lead and guided them through Moses and Aaron.  Here are some of the great features found in this book:

  • Extensively detailed charts comparing the Levites, Priests and the High Priest, Intercessors in the Bible, Jesus and the Ark of the Covenant, organization of the tribes around the tabernacle, the Jewish calendar and its feasts and festivals and many more!
  • Three different cutaway clear plastic overlays showing the most holy place, all of the coverings for its roof and the contents of the ark of the covenant.
  • Beautiful full or two page illustrations of the glory of God above the tabernacle, the high priestly garments, the duties of the priests in the courtyard and in the holy place, the journey of the ark from Sinai to its probable destruction by the Babylonians in 586BC, full color and highly detailed maps of the journey from Egypt to Sinai and much more.

If you are only able to purchase one resource on the Tabernacle, make it Rose’s Guide.  You will have virtually everything you need for study and further research in this one volume and you definitely will not be disappointed.


I received this resource free from Rose Publishing for a free, unbiased and honest review.