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“The Bible has been changed so many times, how do we know we can trust it!”

“There are so many different versions of the Bible, which one is God’s word?!”

Have you ever heard and tried to answer these questions?  Rose Publishing has produced a great resource to help you provide solid answers to these honest concerns people sometimes ask.  The Bible Translations Comparison foldout pamphlet is a beautiful and extremely well done quick reference guide to all of the major English Bible translations.  Rose goes to great lengths to help the reader understand all the basic information about how different translations draw from different Hebrew and Greek texts.  You will learn 16 key terms that are helpful to familiarize yourself with so you can navigate the terrain of Bible translation.  I thoroughly enjoyed how Rose set 20 different Bible translations side by side and explained the background behind each translating group’s philosophy, dates of when the translating work was done, what the goal(s) of the translators was, one or two interesting facts about the peculiar translations and even what educational grade level each translation was geared for.  The pamphlet also devotes an entire page to the three most common Greek texts that translators have to work with.  The Textus Receptus, the Westcott-Hort and the Nestle-Aland UBS texts.  This quick overview of the nuts and bolts of our current collection of English Bible’s and paraphrases is a great tool to have handy next time you’re talking with a friend about this subject.  I highly recommend it to you.

I was provided a free copy of this pamphlet from Rose Publishing for a free, unbiased, honest review.