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Our Pastor wrote a great little article in our bulletin this past Sunday that I wanted to share with you:

What do people mean when they ask, “How’s your church doing?”  Sometimes they mean numbers – is attendance increasing?  Sometimes they mean finances – are you still paying all the bills?  Sadly, however, this question rarely reflects the biblical concern – are you staying faithful to Christ and the gospel?

The world’s system of gain and success often blinds our biblical focus: God commands faithfulness to Christ and the gospel.  Period.  Any inferior focus tempts us in three directions:

  1. To distort the gospel for greater people-appeal
  2. To prioritize programs, again to attract more people; or
  3. To pride as more respond to our misguided, pragmatic efforts.

God can and does sovereignly multiply responses to the pure good news of Jesus Christ, but we must always remember such death-to-life work is His alone in tandem with our obedience as gospel-living, gospel proclaiming disciples.

So how’s your church doing?  Be biblical in your thinking and do your obedient best as a faithful disciple-making disciple of Christ.  Don’t be just another “believer” chasing the wind for what the world vainly calls gain [Ecclesiastes].

-Pastor Rick