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I finished this one yesterday.  It’s very well written.  I enjoyed much of what Pastor Kevin has written about this topic and he argues well (and very humbly) for the ESV as the preferred English bible for both personal study and local church body use.   Pastor Kevin brings out some great specific examples of the differences between the way the NIV renders some key passages and the way the ESV renders the same ones.  He makes a compelling argument for the superiority of the ESV while being very careful and intentional to say that he’s not trashing the NIV.  Just because indoor plumbing is far superior doesn’t mean the well out back was or even is worthless.

One point I didn’t quite agree with Pastor Kevin on was his assertion that some Proverbs in the NIV didn’t “sound” proverbial enough (page 23).  I think I knew what he was trying to get at and his examples made the point, but the idea of certain translations being criticized on the basis that they don’t “sound” a certain way reeks too much of KJV-Onlyism, to me.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve read the argument from that camp that basically says that the versions after the KJV update the English too much and therefore don’t “sound” like the Bible anymore.  That’s just too subjective of a criteria in my opinion.

Other than this one minor issue, I wholeheartedly recommend this little resource to you.  Whether you are considering switching to the ESV for personal use or thinking about the corporate switch, this resource has some great insight to contribute to your decision.