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I remember growing up and sporadically attending both the Roman Catholic and the United Methodist churches.  We would often recite the Apostles Creed.  I had no idea what I was saying or why we were saying it.  It wasn’t until years later, after I was converted by God’s grace that I started to grasp the critically important part that creeds play in the life of both the church and the individual believer.  Creeds help us cut away the confusion and clear the air around what we believe and why we believe it.  Creeds guard against slipping into heresy at every turn as we diligently tease out what the Christian faith teaches from the Scriptures.

Rose publishing has put out another great resource covering the topic of creeds and heresies in an engaging way.  Creeds and Heresies, Then and Now is an excellent high-level introduction to doctrine, it’s importance and the many errors that have crept into the church over the years.  This pamphlet explains where creeds came from, why they are important and what we can learn by studying and memorizing them.  Just as important as knowing what we do believe is knowing what we do not believe as Christians.  The Creeds and Heresies pamphlet explains the early heresies of Marcion and the Gnostics.  There is a full breakdown of both the Apostles and the Nicene Creeds, line by line, along with a brief discussion of the Chalcedonian creed.  Rose has charted out all of the major heresies in the history of the church (Docetism, Monarchianism, Arianism, Pelagianism, Modalism and more).

In addition to all of this tremendously helpful historical information, Rose goes further by connecting these ancient heresies to modern manifestations of them today.  For instance, did you know that the teachings of the Watchtower Bible and Tract society (Jehovah’s Witnesses) are really recycled Arianism from the 4th century?  Old Gnosticism is really the root behind all modern day new age spiritualism that is promoted and taught by Oprah and others in Hollywood.  There’s nothing new under the sun and heresies are no exception.

Get his pamphlet.  It’s a great resource and will help you understand truth and error in a user-friendly way.


I was provided a free copy of this pamphlet from Rose Publishing for a free, unbiased, honest review.