If you had to name the most neglected section of holy Scripture, what would you say?  I’d say it has got to be the minor prophets.  Named for their smaller size, not for an insignificant and unimportant message, the minor prophets (with the exception of maybe Jonah) sure do get the short end of the stick when it comes to preaching and teaching.  And why do we think this is?  For at least one reason:  They are hard to understand.  But isn’t a lot of God’s word hard to understand?  Even God himself said there would be some things difficult for us and even some things that would not be clearly revealed.  Deuteronomy 29:29 is an encouraging but hard truth that not everything is revealed to us.  We are given what we’re given.  And what we are given, we are to understand.  This includes the minor prophets – all 12 of them!

Well, Rose Publishing has put out a great quick reference guide to help us understand the minor prophets.  It’s their Minor Prophets Pamphlet and is a tremendously helpful guide to the corner of the Bible that is sadly and too often neglected by Christians.  Inside this pamphlet, you will great assistance in understanding the following topics:

1.  Finding Christ in the minor prophets

2.  The three biblical tests for a true prophet (personally my favorite part!)

3.  Where the prophets all fit on the historical timeline

4.  Foreign kingdoms (Assyria, Babylon and Persia) and the roles they played in the prophet’s messages

5.  The minor prophets for today: How do we understand and properly apply their messages of judgement and salvation?

6.  Tips for studying the M.P.s

Altogether, great stuff.  If you’ve never read the M.P.s, I highly encourage you to dive in.  It’s great summer reading and they move fast.  There are only twelve of them and the longest one is only 14 chapters.  That’s smaller than Romans so you know it’s manageable.  And make sure you pick up a copy of this great resource from Rose.  You can usually find these at any local Christian bookstore or you can order them directly from Rose or off of the Amazon website.


I was provided a free copy of this pamphlet from Rose Publishing for a free, unbiased, honest review.