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I’ve been reading Psalm 100 over and over and thinking about all the truth it contains.  I picked up Spurgeon’s Treasury of David and was encouraged by a few of these quotes from his thoughts on the Psalm:

In every land Jehovah’s goodness is seen, therefore in every land should he be praised.

Singing, as it is a joyful, and at the same time a devout, exercise, should be a constant form of approach to God.

…it is very questionable whether a man can know himself until he knows his God.

Christians recognize the origin of their being ant their well-being, and take no honor to themselves either for being, or for being who they are.  Neither in our first or second creation dare we put so much as a finger upon the glory, for it is the sole right and property of the Almighty.

When we recount his goodness we are rendering to him the best adoration

So long as we are receivers of mercy we must be givers of thanks.

A changeable God would be a terror to the righteous, they would have no sure anchorage, and amid a changing world they would be driven to and fro in perpetual fear of shipwreck.