Sunday in Adult Study Fellowship (Adult Sunday School) we read and discussed Ephesians 6:10-17. The armor of God is a tremendous encouragement as well as a grave call to serious and consistent responsibility to us as Christians.
What encouraged me most, and others I talked to, was Paul’s statement that, “…our battle is not against flesh and blood…”

The phrase literally means “not against human beings”

Are you ever tempted to think that if you could only persuade someone with a watertight argument that Christ was the answer, you could bring them into the kingdom?

How about the equally potent feelings of frustration or even anger toward those who just don’t (or won’t) get it no matter how clearly you explain the Gospel?

Our battle is not against flesh and blood. We do not fight the human intellect. We are not at war with the human will. These are not our primary targets. We fight a spiritual battle, we fight unseen yet very real forces in the heavenly realm. So how should we the fight? How does knowing the true enemy, knowing the true aims of our warfare and knowing the true place in which our fight takes place affect how we come to the battle?

"...and take the sword of the Spirit..."

Certainly our attitude will change from one of frustration with men to one of humble petitioning of God for these men, no?  Surely prayer will be our main weapon, constantly wielded along with the rest of the armor God provides for us.

The battle is the Lord’s, dear ones. He is the victor, the King who has already conquered(Col 2:15) and will lead us to the fight with full assurance in him and in his mighty power.

Put your trust in him, suit up and take up your weapons.  Prepare to fight through prayer, patience, service and love so you can take y0ur stand.

The battle belongs to the Lord