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Another power-packed short read from Adams.  I just finished this one and it was highly useful, encouraging, convicting and instructive.  Here are some tidbits for you:

  • Studying the biblical principles of handling trouble…are the…most important preparatory measures that you can take.  One thing is certain: you cannot avoid all trouble, no matter how hard you try; so prepare for trouble!
  • What ultimately does it matter if you are sad, if you experience pain and loss — even if you die?  You are His; He is with you in it all, working good.  What does matter is how others see Christ in you.  While you may exalt Him by the way you witness in ordinary circumstances, there is perhaps no situation in which you may exalt Christ to unbelievers more clearly than when you handle trouble well.
  • Trouble will temp you to compromise your stand for truth and righteousness and to take an easier way(that is the essence of Satan’s third temptation of Christ).
  • You are to thank God, even for the trouble that comes, through tears – not instead of tears.
  • To give thanks in trouble it is not necessary for you to become a masochist who revels in pain, sorrow, and grief.  Rather, God wants you to be thankful for the purposes He is bringing about not for the sorrow and pain themselves.
  • Paul never minimized or underplayed the severity of persecution, suffering, or other kinds of trouble, but he always maximized the opportunities that trouble brought.

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