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Has anyone seen these signs around their neck of the woods?  Harold Camping and his unfortunate followers are at it again.  Please note: Camping tried this “I know when Jesus is coming back” trick back in 1994 and he was WRONG!  His excuse?  His math was off.  Yeah, that works with my 11 year old when he gets his homework wrong, but it doesn’t work when you’re predicting the end of the world!

So after the ’94 debacle, he swung to the doctrine of the church and started telling everyone that the church ‘age’ was over.  What were true Christians to do now?  Leave their established churches, gather together and listen to (and I’m assuming support) him on Family Radio.

So now, he’s back at the date setting game.  What are we to do?  How do we respond to this?  What do we tell our children?  I know this post is coming across very sarcastic and I only mean to communicate how frustrated this makes me – for so many reasons!  I was driving back from soccer practice with my son last night and saw this billboard on the side of the road.  I pulled across traffic, got out and took a few shots.  This is the second one I’ve seen around our area.  The other one was closer to our house but has recently been taken down.

Anyway – If you want to see an ‘unpacking’ of what Camping and his team are trying to say, go HERE.  I can’t believe I’m actually pointing traffic to his site, but you’ll have to read it (and cringe through it!) to believe it!  The audacity!

Let me be clear here: I believe Christ could return on May 21st.  I don’t believe we can know for sure and this is what gets to me.  If Camping and crew are right, then so what?!  What does that change?  Today is still the day of salvation and our warning to the nations of the world should be just as intense and faithful as if Christ wasn’t coming back for another 2000 years!  The issue that concerns me most here is that what if May 21st comes and goes with no change?  Will Camping’s devoted followers actually wise up and leave him, exposing him as a false teacher?  Sadly, probably not.  And that is a definition of a cult – complete control regardless of a leader’s credibility and consistency with the truth.