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Picked this small book up at the Family Christian store a few weeks ago and have been making my way through it.  I think it’s a great starter book for those who haven’t camped out in the book of Exodus to really study the Tabernacle.  Even for young readers who may not be as easily engaged, this book will draw them in with its great colored pictures and illustrations on every page.  The Authors give a good introduction on Old Testament history leading up to the building of the Tabernacle and then spend a good deal of time breaking down each of the items in the Tabernacle to ensure the reader properly understands the significance of the pre-Temple dwelling place of God among the redeemed people of Israel.

HERE is my Amazon review.

I plan on using this book for our mid-week children’s ministry at church starting up again this Fall.  Looking forward to it.  I haven’t yet tried to build the cardboard model but I will and perhaps add to this review once I’m to that stage.